Man pages for HDclassif
High Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering

CrabsMorphological Measurements on Leptograpsus Crabs.
demo_hddcDemonstration of the clustering process of HDDC.
HDclassif-packageHigh Dimensional Discriminant Analysis and Data Clustering
hddaHigh Dimensional Discriminant Analysis
hddcHigh Dimensional Data Clustering
hdmdaMixture Discriminant Analysis with HD Gaussians
plot.hdcCattell's Scree-Test for 'hdc' class objects.
predict.hdcPrediction method for 'hdc' class objects.
predict.hdmdaPrediction method for 'hdmda' class objects.
setHDclassif.showSets/gets the default 'show' argument in HDDC and HDDA
simuldataGaussian Data Generation
slopeHeuristicSlope Heuristic for HDDC objects
wineWine dataset
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