HK80: Conversion Tools for HK80 Geographical Coordinate System

This is a collection of functions for converting coordinates between WGS84UTM, WGS84GEO, HK80UTM, HK80GEO and HK1980GRID Coordinate Systems used in Hong Kong SAR, based on the algorithms described in Explanatory Notes on Geodetic Datums in Hong Kong by Survey and Mapping Office Lands Department, Hong Kong Government (1995).

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AuthorJinlong Zhang [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-07-25 20:31:06
MaintainerJinlong Zhang <>

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Man pages

HK1980GRID_TO_HK80GEO: Convert HK1980GRID coordinates to HK80GEO coordinates

HK1980GRID_TO_HK80UTM: Convert HK1980GRID coordinates to HK80UTM coordinates

HK1980GRID_TO_WGS84GEO: Convert HK1980GRID coordinates to WGS84GEO coordinates

HK1980GRID_TO_WGS84UTM: Convert HK1980GRID coordinates to WGS84UTM coordinates

HK80GEO_TO_HK1980GRID: Convert the HK80GEO coordinates to HK1980GRID coordinates

HK80GEO_TO_HK80UTM: Convert HK80 geographical coordinates to HK80 UTM coordinates

HK80GEO_TO_WGS84GEO: Convert HK80GEO coordinates to WGS84GEO coordinates

HK80GEO_TO_WGS84UTM: Convert the HK80GEO coordinates to WGS84UTM coordinates

HK80-package: Conversion Tools for HK80 Geographical Coordinate System

HK80UTM_TO_HK1980GRID: Convert HK80UTM coordinates to HK1980GRID coordinates

HK80UTM_TO_HK80GEO: Convert the HK80UTM coordinates to HK80GEO coordinates

HK80UTM_TO_WGS84GEO: Convert HK80UTM coordinates to WGS84GEO coordinates

HK80UTM_TO_WGS84UTM: Convert HK80UTM coordinates to WGS84UTM coordinates

WGS84GEO_TO_HK1980GRID: Covert WGS84GEO geographical coordinates TO HK1980GRID...

WGS84GEO_TO_HK80GEO: Convert WGS84GEO coordinates to HK80GEO coordinates

WGS84GEO_TO_HK80UTM: Convert WGS84GEO coordinates to HK80UTM coordinates

WGS84GEO_TO_WGS84UTM: Convert WGS84GEO coordinates to WGS84UTM coordinates

WGS84UTM_TO_HK1980GRID: Convert WGS84UTM coordinates to HK1980GRID coordinates

WGS84UTM_TO_HK80GEO: Convert WGS84UTM coordinates to HK80GEO coordinates

WGS84UTM_TO_HK80UTM: Convert WGS84UTM coordinates TO HK80UTM coordinates

WGS84UTM_TO_WGS84GEO: Covert WGS84UTM coordinates to WGS84GEO coordinates


HK1980GRID_TO_HK80GEO Man page
HK1980GRID_TO_HK80UTM Man page
HK1980GRID_TO_WGS84GEO Man page
HK1980GRID_TO_WGS84UTM Man page
HK80 Man page
HK80GEO_TO_HK1980GRID Man page
HK80GEO_TO_HK80UTM Man page
HK80GEO_TO_WGS84GEO Man page
HK80GEO_TO_WGS84UTM Man page
HK80-package Man page
HK80UTM_TO_HK1980GRID Man page
HK80UTM_TO_HK80GEO Man page
HK80UTM_TO_WGS84GEO Man page
HK80UTM_TO_WGS84UTM Man page
WGS84GEO_TO_HK1980GRID Man page
WGS84GEO_TO_HK80GEO Man page
WGS84GEO_TO_HK80UTM Man page
WGS84UTM_TO_HK1980GRID Man page
WGS84UTM_TO_HK80GEO Man page
WGS84UTM_TO_HK80UTM Man page

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