Man pages for HTLR
Bayesian Logistic Regression with Heavy-Tailed Priors

as.matrix.htlrfitCreate a Matrix of Markov Chain Samples
bcbcsf_deltasBias-corrected Bayesian classification initial state
colonColon tissues data
evaluate_predEvaluate Prediction Results
gendata_FAMGenerate simulated data with factor analysis model
gendata_MLRGenerate simulated data with multinomial logistic regression...
htlrFit a HTLR Model
htlr_fitFit a HTLR Model (Internal API)
HTLR-packageBayesian Logistic Regression with Heavy-Tailed Priors
htlr_predictMake Prediction on New Data (Advanced)
htlr_priorGenerate Prior Configuration
lasso_deltasLasso Initial State
nzero_idxGet Indices of Non-Zero Coefficients
pipePipe operator
predict.htlrfitMake Prediction on New Data
split_dataSplit data into train and test partitions
summary.htlrfitPosterior Summaries
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