Man pages for HistogramTools
Utility Functions for R Histograms

ashAverage Shifted Histograms From a Histogram.
bindistHistogram Distance Measures
dtraceRead Histograms from text DTrace output file.
ecdfofhistEmpirical Cumulative Distribution Function From a Histogram.
histogram-messageConvert histogram protocol buffers to histogram objects
histogram-packageHistogramTools package
informationlossInformation Loss Metrics for Histograms
intersectIntersect Histograms
mergeAggregate histograms that have identical breaks.
mergebucketsMerge adjacent buckets in a histogram to create a new...
message-histogramConvert R histograms to Protocol Buffer representation
plotPlot Binned Histogram and ECDF Data.
plothistPlot Relative Frequency Histogram
quantilesHistogram Approximate Quantiles.
scaleScale Histogram Counts
subsetSubset a histogram by removing some of the buckets.
trimsparseTrim the tails of a sparse histogram.
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