Holidays-package: Supplies holiday data to the TimeWarp package.

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This package is a data-only package that registers holidays with the TimeWarp package. The package has no visible functions or data; it works by calling registerHolidays() from its .onLoad() function.


To create a package with custom holidays (or updated holidays for the holiday series defined in here), either modify the source code of this package, or copy commands from R/holidays.R into a new package.


Jeffrey Horner, Lars Hansen, Tony Plate

Maintainer: Tony Plate

See Also

From the TimeWarp package: holidays, registerHolidays, allHolidays.


# View counts of registered holidays by year
sapply(as.character(1998:2012), function(y)
       sapply(allHolidays(), function(h) length(holidays(y, h, silent=TRUE))))

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