Man pages for HydeNet
Hybrid Bayesian Networks Using R and JAGS

bindSimBind Output From coda Samples
BJDealerBlackjack Dealer Outcome Probabilities
BlackJackBlack Jack Hybrid Decision Network
BlackJackTrainBlack Jack Network Training Dataset
chainChain together multiple operations.
compileDecisionModelCompile JAGS Models to Evaluate the Effect of Decisions in a...
compileJagsModelCompile Jags Model from a Hyde Network
cptCompute a conditional probability table for a factor given...
expectedVariablesList Expected Parameter Names and Expected Variables Names
factorFormulaConvert Factor Levels in Formula to Numeric Values
factorRegexProduce Regular Expressions for Extracting Factor Names and...
HydeNetSummariesHydeNet Summary Objects
HydeNetworkDefine a Probablistic Graphical Network
Hyde-packageHydbrid Decision Networks
HydeSimSimulated Distributions of a Decision Network
HydeUtilitiesHyde Network Utility Functions
inputCPTExampleExample Conditional Probability Table Resulting from the...
jagsDistsJAGS Probability Distributions.
jagsFunctionsJAGS Functions Compatible with R.
mergeDefaultPlotOptsrdname plot.HydeNetwork
modelToNodeConvert a Model Object to a Network Node
PEPulmonary Embolism Dataset
plot.HydeNetworkPlotting Utilities for Probabilistic Graphical Network
policyMatrixConstruct Policy and Decision Matrices
print.cptPrint Method for CPT objects
print.HydeNetworkPrint a HydeNetwork
print.HydeSimPrint a Hyde Simulated Distribution Object
Resolution.cptConditional Probability Table for resolution of side effects...
rewriteHydeFormulaRewrite HydeNetwork Graph Model Formula
SE.cptConditional Probability Table for side effects as a function...
setDecisionNodesClassify Multiple Nodes as Decision or Utility Nodes
setNodeSet Node Relationships
setNodeModelsSet Node Properties Using Model Objects
setPolicyValuesAssign Default Policy Values
TranslateFormulaTranslate R Formula to JAGS
update.HydeNetworkUpdate Probabilistic Graphical Network
vectorProbsConvert a vector to JAGS Probabilities
writeJagsFormulaWrite the JAGS Formula for a Hyde Node
writeJagsModelWrite a Node's JAGS Model
writeNetworkModelGenerate JAGS Code for a Network's Model
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