Man pages for ICD10gm
Metadata Processing for the German Modification of the ICD-10 Coding System

charlson_rcsCharlson Comorbidities (Royal College of Surgeons)
charlson_sundararajanCharlson Comorbidities (Sundararajan)
get_icd_historyGet ICD history metadata
get_icd_labelsGet or query ICD-10 labels
icd_expandExpand list of ICD codes to include all possible subcodes
icd_historyHistorize a list of ICD codes to cover the specified years
icd_meta_blocksdata.frame containing metadata for the ICD-10-GM code blocks
icd_meta_chaptersdata.frame containing metadata for the ICD-10-GM chapters
icd_meta_codesdata.frame containing metadata for all ICD-10-GM codes
icd_meta_transitiondata.frame detailling the changes in ICD-10-GM codes between...
icd_parseExtract all ICD codes from a character vector
icd_showchangesShow historical changes to selected ICD-10-GM codes
icd_showchanges_icd3Show historical changes to selected three-digit ICD-10-GM...
is_icd_codeTest whether a string is a valid ICD code
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