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Generalized Odds Rate Hazards (GORH) model is a flexible survival model which includes the Proportional Hazards (PH) model and the Proportional Odds (PO) model as special cases. When the survival data is interval censored, this package provides an efficient solution for the GORH model based on a gamma-possion data augmentation.


Package: ICGOR
Type: Package
Version: 2.0
Date: 2017-01-12
License: GPL-2

The main function is GORH, which produces the estimates for coefficients and the covariance matrix. The summary function can be used to get the test results of the coefficients. The predict function can be used to obtain the estimated survival curve for an individual with specified covariates. The plot function can be applied to generate the predicted survival curve for that individual.


Jie Zhou, Jiajia Zhang, Wenbin Lu

Maintainer: Jie Zhou <zhoujie02569@gmail.com>


Zhou, J., Zhang, J. and Lu, W. (2017+). An EM Algorithm for fitting the Generalized Odds-Rate Model to Interval Censored Data. Accepted by Statistics in Medicine.

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