Man pages for ILS
Interlaboratory Study

boot.sim.setBootstrap samples of a functional statistic
cochran.testFunction to compute the Grubbs test statistic.
DSCDifferential Scanning Calorimetry curves
func.ils.formulaDescriptive measures for functional data.
GlucoseGlucose in Serum
grubbs.testFunction to compute the Grubbs test statistic.
h.qcsFunction to estimate the univariate Mandel's h statistic
IDTDataset composed of the initial decomposition temperature...
ILSInterlaboratoty Study
ils.fqcdataFunctional Quality Control Data
ils.fqcsIt developes an object of class 'ils.fqcs'
k.qcsFunction to calcute the Mandel's k statistic
lab.aovFunction to compute the AOV
lab.qcdataQuality Control Data
lab.qcsCreate an object of class 'lab.qcs' to perform statistical...
mandel.fqcsThis function is used to compute the FDA Mandel's h and k...
outliers.ilsDetecting outliers for functional dataset
plot.ils.fqcdataPlotting method for 'ils.fqcdata' objects
plot.ils.fqcsPlotting method for 'ils.fqcs' objects
plot.lab.qcdataPlot method for 'lab.qcdata' objects
plot.lab.qcsPlot method for 'lab.qcs' objects
plot.mandel.fqcsPlotting method for 'mandel.fqcs' objects
TGThermogravimetry curves
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