Man pages for IM
Orthogonal Moment Analysis

calcCentroidCalculate the centroid of a grayscale image
calcMaxRadiusCompute maximum radius.
checkOrderFind the maximum order of finite moments
CmplxIm-classCmplxIm Class
datasetsImage Sample Dataset
demoPolyCalculate and display polynomials used to calculate image...
displayImgDisplay an image in grayscale
histeqPerform histogram equalization on an image.
Image-classBasic class to handle image moment analysis
IM-internalInternal Image Moment Functions
IM-packageImage Moment (IM) - Package
momentObjCalculate moments of image
MultiIm-classMultiIm Class
OrthIm-classClass for handling continuous or discrete orthogonal moments...
plotMomentDisplay a heat map of image moments
polarTransformRepresent an image by plotting radius against angle
polarXYCalculate polar coordinates of elements in a matrix
revPolarInverse transform of the 'polarTransform' method
rotate270Rotate an image (or matrix) 270 degrees.
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