Man pages for INLABMA
Bayesian Model Averaging with INLA

BMA2Perform complete Bayesian Model Averaging on some Spatial...
BMArhoCompute BMA of 'fitted.values' from a list of INLA objects
fitmargFit posterior marginal distributions to points
fitmargBMACompute marginals using Bayesian Model Averaging
lerouxFit Leroux et al's spatial model.
logprrhoLog-prior density for the spatial autocorrelation parameter...
mysplinefunCompute spline function
recompute.impactsRecompute the impact summaries from the marginals
rescalemargRe-scale marginal distribution to compute the distribution of...
semFit spatial econometrics models with INLA
trIrhoWinvCompute trace of (I-rho*W)^-1 matrix
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