knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = FALSE)
dsList <- subset(dsl, algId %in% algs)

if (!input$RTECDF.Aggr.Func) 
  dsList <- subset(dsList, funcId == input$Overall.Funcid)
if (!input$RTECDF.Aggr.Dim) 
  dsList <- subset(dsList, DIM == input$Overall.Dim)
#TODO: Add support for the custom targets
p <- Plot.RT.ECDF_Multi_Func(dsList, 
                            scale.xlog = input$RTECDF.Aggr.Logx)
save_plotly(p, 'ECDF_Aggr.pdf', 'pdf', width = 1000, height = 500)

Aggregated ECDF plot on r if(input$RTECDF.Aggr.Func) paste("all functions ") r if(input$RTECDF.Aggr.Dim) paste("all dimensions ")


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