knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = FALSE)
dsl_sub <- subset(dsl, DIM == dim && algId %in% algs)
p <- Plot.RT.Multi_Func(dsl_sub, 
                        scale.xlog = input$ERTPlot.Multi.Logx,
                        scale.ylog = input$ERTPlot.Multi.Logy,
                        scale.reverse = !attr(dsl_sub[[1]],'maximization'))
save_plotly(p, paste0('ERT_multi_', dim, 'D.pdf'), 'pdf', width = 1000, height = 1200)

ERT plot of all functions in r paste(dim)D

r}, results='asis', fig.align='center', fig.cap="TEsting", fig.width=500, fig.height=600, fig.pos='!hbt'} include_graphics(paste0('ERT_multi_', dim, 'D.pdf'))

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