Man pages for IQCC
Improved Quality Control Charts

add.dataUpdates the Hotelling Control Chart.
alpha.riskFalse Alarm probability for the 3-sigma R chart.
binomdataBinomial Data.
c4C4 Constant.
cchart.RR control chart
cchart.SS Control Chart.
cchart.T2.1Phase I Hotelling Control Chart.
cchart.T2.2Phase II Hotelling Control Chart.
cchart.Xbar1X-bar Shewhart Control Chart for phase I.
cchart.Xbar2X-bar Shewhart Control Chart for phase II.
cchart.Xbar_RX-bar and R control charts
d2D2 Constant.
d3D3 Constant.
data.1Hotelling Control Chart Phase I simulated data.
data.2Hotelling Control Chart Phase II simulated data.
pistonringsPiston Rings Data Set.
remove.dataRemove an undesirable observation.
softdrinkSoft Drink Data Set.
statsAuxiliary statistics for the multivariate control chart.
T2.1Hotelling T2 Statistic for Phase I.
T2.2Hotelling T2 Statistic for Phase II.
table.constTable of values for the constants d2, d3 and c4.
table.qtukeyTukey Quantile Table
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