Man pages for IRATER
A R Interface for the Instantaneous RATEs (IRATE) Model

clean.admbdelete IRATE (ADMB) run files
IRATE.exampleslist preinstalled IRATE examples
IRATERIRATER - A R Interface for the Instantaneous RATEs (IRATE)...
make.datwrites and sets up an input data set (setup file) for IRATE...
read.datloads existing IRATE-model setup (incl. tag release &...
read.parRead in parameters from an IRATE run
read.repRead report-file from an IRATE run
remake.datload and reparameterize an existing IRATE-model setup file
run.IRATEcompile and run NOAA-IRATE models from within R
run.IRATE.examplecompile and run preinstalled example IRATE-model setups
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