metricList2DFList: Conver a metricList into a list of dataframes

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Conver a metricList into a list of dataframes


The metricList2DFList function converts a list of SingleValueMetrics into a list of dataframes, one per named metric.





a list of SingleValueMetric objects


Metrics functions return lists of SingleValueMetric objects. A long metricList may be built up by appending the results of different metrics functions or the same metrics function operating on different seismic signals. A metricList generated by any of the MUSTANG Rscripts can be stored as an .RData file and reloaded for examination.

A metricList may contain values for many different metrics. This function creates a separate dataframe for each metricName found in the metricList. As each dataframe is created, values associated with that metric are stored in a column named after the metric. Individual dataframes are stored in the returned list with their own name: metricName_DF.


A character string with BSS formatted XML is returned.


metricList2DFList is deprecated. Please use metricList2DF.


Jonathan Callahan

See Also

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