Man pages for IRTpp
Estimating IRT Parameters using the IRT Methodology

abilityinterface@name abilityinterface @param zita_par @param data @param...
alpha.cCronbach-Mesbah Curve
alpha.cronbachCronbach's alpha
an.parallelParallel Analysis
biserial.corBiserial Correlation
check.modelmodel verification
collapseCellsCollapses Cells
eapinterfaceeapinterface @param zita_par - @param dat - @param e_model -...
full.pattern.expandFull expansion of patterns
ggProbability for envelopes
guttGuttman's Lambda
indexPatIndex pattern
individual.traitsEstimate the latent traits.
informationTest or Item information
irtppEstimate a test item parameters.
irtpp.modelValid model
irtpp.modelsAvailable models
irtpp.pProbability function for all models.
IRTpp-packageIRTpp : Item Response Theory Implemented in R and Cpp
llikmLoglik in stem M
loglikLogLikelihood of a IRT model
loglik.fLogLikelihood of a IRT model
mapinterfacemapinterface @param zita_par - @param dat - @param e_model -...
model.transformModel transformations
normalizeNormalize a vector
orlando_itemfOrlando's statistic
parameter.listParameter list form
parameter.matrixParameter matrix form
pattern.expandExpansion of patterns
pattern.freqsFrequencies for the expanded pattern matrix
phiPhi coefficient of correlation
plotevenlopeConfidence bands
polyserial.corPolyserial correlation
print.sentencePrint Sentence, Helper function Prints different strings...
probProbability multidimensional case
prob.2pl2PL fast probability function
prob.3pl3PL fast probability function
probability.1pl1PL probability function
probability.2pl2PL probability function
probability.3pl3PL probability function
rtnormTruncated normal simulation
SimulateItemParametersSimulates item parameters for UIRT models.
simulateTestSimulates a test
simulateTest.fileThis function simulates tests according to a IRT model.
simulateTestMDSimulate test Multidimensional
s_ssCalculates the likelihoods.
testmultiMultidimensional test
test.plotPlot a test or an item.
uaUndefined assignment, Helper function
x2Statistical x2.
YuleYule coefficient of correlation
z3_itemfZ3 statistic.
z3_personfZ3 Person fit statistic
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