Man pages for ITNr
Analysis of the International Trade Network

ComtradrcleanComtrader data clean
ELEnet16Electical Automtoive Goods 2016 Network
ELEnetListList of Electical Automtoive Goods Networks (2006-2016)
ITNadjustAdjust ITN
ITNblock_plotITN Blockmodel & Structural Equivalence
ITNblock_seITN Blockmodel & Structural Equivalence
ITNcentralityITN Centrality
ITNclusterITN Cluster
ITNcorrITN Correlation Plot
ITNdegdistITN Degree Distribution
ITNdynamicDynamic ITN
ITNhistdegdistITN Histogram Degree Distribution
ITNimvexITN Degree Distribution
ITN_make_plotSingle Clean ITN Plot
ITNplotsetITN Plots
ITNpropertiesITN Properties
plot_degree_distributionPlot Degree Distribution
RegionalBrokerageITN Gould-Fernandez Brokerage Analysis
WITScleanWITS data clean
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