Man pages for IceCast
Apply Statistical Post-Processing to Improve Sea Ice Predictions

all_regionsPolygon of all regions
any_intersectCheck if a line has intersecting segments
bg_waterPolygon of the non-regional ocean
bound_infoGet boundary info
calc_parsCompute Parameters Estimates
censorTruncate simulated line lengths based on a list of bounds
check_intersectCheck if line segments intersect
clim_9_2005_2007Climatology forecast for 2005-2007.
clim_9_2008Climatology forecast for 2008.
cond_probCompute conditional probability of observed event
contig_zeroFind indices of sequences of contiguous zeros
contour_shiftApply contour-shifting to bias correct
conv_to_gridConvert 'SpatialPolygons' object to a grid
create_mappingMap a set of observations and predictions
currSecExCoordinates of a line segment with self-intersections
discrepDiscrepancy maps for September 1993-2007 (lead time...
dist_matCompute 'distances' among $n$ lines
ecmwf_binBinary predictions from ECMWF ensemble, September 1993-2018
extract_coordsFunction to extract coordinates.
find_transFind transition points (points at the start/end of polygons)
fit_cont_parsSets up MCMC to fit the parameters of the contour Model in R,...
fit_weightsCompute weighting between two models
fullSample collection of completely ice-filled regions
gen_contGenerate contours
get_areaCalculate geodesic area
get_coordsExtract coordinates from a spatial object of lines and points
get_distFind euclidean distance
get_indFind indices in matrix
get_init_monthGet initialization month
get_mapMap one observation or prediction
get_regionGet polygons corresponding to regions
indiv_polyGenerate an individual polygon from a set of points
interExExample of a line that contains self-intersections
interp_new_ptsInterpolate along region boundaries
inter_start_lineAdd points where line connecting point sequence crosses...
int_lineSpace points along a line
keep_lineKeep only spatial lines
keep_polyKeep only spatial polygons
landPolygon of land
land_matBinary matrix indicating where there is land
make_polygonsCreate polygon from mapped points
map_curr_1Sample output from 'get_map'
mappedPointsExample of mapped points
mapxyGet geodetic latitudes and longitudes
merge_contsMerge contours
mergedSample list of contours
obs_9_2005_2007Observed sea ice for September 2005-2007
obs_9_2008Observed sea ice for September 2008
obsLExCoordinates of an observed line segment
obs_mapsOutput from 'create_mapping' function
obsSep2006_2007Observed sea ice September 2006-2007
obsSep2008Observed sea ice September 2008
pars_1Sample parameter information for generating a contour
ppe_9_2005_2007Post-procesed ensemble forecast for 2005-2007
ppe_9_2008Post-procesed ensemble forecast for 2008
predLExCoordinates of a predicted line segment
pred_mapsComputed mappings for predictions for September 1993-2008
prob_mapGet probabilities on a grid from contours
prop_areaProportion of total area by grid box
pt_line_interCheck if a point crosses a line segment
quick_runSimple evaluation of contour-shifting
read_bootstrapRead individual bootstrap binary file
read_monthly_BSRead in a set of bootstrap observations over a set of year
reg_infoList of information about each region
rm_holesRemove holes in a polygon
RunMCMCRun MCMC to Fit Contour Model
sec_to_interpInterpolate a section of line
sipSep2006_2007Ensemble sea ice probability for September 2006-2007 (lead...
sipSep2008Ensemble estimated sea ice probability September 2008 (lead...
spatialCollExSpatial collection example
to_fitIdentify fully ice-covered and ice-free regions
train_indFind indices on which to train contour model
ts_adj_muTrend Adjustment For 'mu'
untwistRemove self-intersections
untwist_secRemove self-intersections from one section of a contour
wght_modFunction to weight two models
y_obsCompute y
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