Man pages for InspectChangepoint
High-Dimensional Changepoint Estimation via Sparse Projection

compute.thresholdComputing threshold used in 'inspect'
cusum.transformCUSUM transformation
inspectInformative sparse projection for estimation of changepoints...
locate.changeSingle changepoint estimation
multi.changeGenerating a high-dimensional time series with multiple...
PiSMatrix projection onto the nuclear norm unit sphere
PiWProjection onto the standard simplex
plot.hdchangeseqPlot function for 'hdchangeseq' class
plot.inspectPlot function for 'inspect' class objects
power.methodPower method for finding the leading eigenvector of a...
print.inspectPrint function for 'inspect' class objects
rescale.varianceNoise standardisation for multivariate time series.
single.changeGenerating high-dimensional time series with exactly one...
sparse.svdComputing the sparse leading left singular vector of a matrix
summary.inspectSummary function for 'inspect' class objects
vector.normNorm of a vector
vector.soft.threshSoft thresholding a vector
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