Man pages for Interpol.T
Hourly interpolation of multiple temperature daily series

biasCalculates mean bias (difference between (max+min)/2 and...
daily_meanProduction of daily means from hourly temperature series
date.timeGeneration of dates and hours between start and end terms
Interpol.T-packageHourly interpolation of multiple temperature daily series
Mo.Th.Ra.Creates a table of mean monthly "daily thermal range" (dtr)
par_calibrationCalibration of "hour" parameters for temperature...
plot_meas_simPlots hourly curves
shape_calibrationCalibrates the shape of the night interpolating curve
Th_interp24-hourly interpolation of temperature
Th_int_seriesHourly interpolation of multiple daily temperature series
Trentino_hourly_TDataset of hourly temperature for Trentino, Italy
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