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InventoryModel Package allows the determination of the optimal policy in terms of the number of orders to apply in the most common inventory problems. Moreover, the allocations proposed in the literature can be obtained from the determination of the cost associated games.


Package: Inventorymodel
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-06-10
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This package incorporates the functions EOQ and EOQcoo which computes the optimal policy in a EOQ model. For studying the optimal orders and costs in a EPQ model, functions EPQ and EPQcoo can be used. The package includes the function SOC for the SOC allocation rule. For inventory transportation system (STI), the functions STI, STIcoo and reglalineacoalitional implement the associated games to these situations and their allocation rule (line rule). The function mfoc calculates the optimal order and its associated cost to model with fixed order cost (MFOC). Shapley value can be obtained for these class of games with the function shapley\_mfoc. The basic EOQ system without holding costs and with transportation cost (MCT) can be studied with the functions mct and twolines (allocation rule). This package includes the function mwhc for models without holding costs (MWHC) and the function mwhc2c when two suppliers are considered with differents costs of the product.


Saavedra-Nieves, Alejandro

Maintainer: Alejandro Saavedra-Nieves <[email protected]>


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