spreadn6t2b: Data: A cyclic 1-spread of PG(5,2)

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A balanced 1-spread of PG(5,2) obtained via cyclic construction




The spread is formatted as a 3-dimensional array, where the [i,j,k]-th element indicates whether or not the ith basic factor is present in the jth effect of the kth flat of the spread.


The spread consists of 21 subspaces f_1, f_2, ..., f_{21} given by
f_1=(EF,BCD,BCDEF), f_2 = (A,ACF,CF), f_3 = (B,ABCDE,ACDE), f_4 = (DF,F,D), f_5=(E,BC,BCE), f_6=(ABC,ABEF,CEF), f_7=(AEF,ABDF,BDE), f_8=(AB,BDEF,ADEF), f_9=(BDF,ABCDEF,ACE), f_{10}=(DEF,BCF,BCDE), f_{11}=(ABCE,ACEF,BF), f_{12}=(BEF,AE,ABF), f_{13}=(ADF,AC,CDF), f_{14}=(ABCDF,ABE,CDEF), f_{15}=(AF,ACDF,CD), f_{16}=(C,AD,ACD), f_{17}=(ABDE,CE,ABCD), f_{18}=(ABDEF,CDE,ABCF), f_{19}=(ACDEF,BD,ABCEF), f_{20}=(BCEF,DE,BCDF), and f_{21}=(BE,ADE,ABD).


In R, the data must be loaded using the data function.


Neil Spencer, Pritam Ranjan, Franklin Mendivil


Spencer, N.A., Ranjan, P., and Mendivil, F., (2019), "Isomorphism Check for 2^n Factorial Designs with Randomization Restrictions", Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, 13(60),1-24 [https://doi.org/10.1007/s42519-019-0064-5]

See Also

checkSpreadIsomorphism for checking the isomorphism of balanced spreads.
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