ItemResponseTrees-package: IR-Tree Modeling in mirt, Mplus, or TAM

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Item response tree (IR-tree) models are a class of item response theory (IRT) models that assume that the responses to polytomous items can best be explained by multiple psychological processes (e.g., Böckenholt, 2012, The package 'ItemResponseTrees' allows to fit such IR-tree models in mirt, Mplus, or TAM. The package automates some of the hassle of IR-tree modeling by means of a consistent syntax. This allows new users to quickly adopt this model class, and this allows experienced users to fit many complex models effortlessly.


Hansjörg Plieninger


Böckenholt, U. (2012). Modeling multiple response processes in judgment and choice. Psychological Methods, 17(4), 665–678.

Plieninger, H. (2020). Developing and applying IR-tree models: Guidelines, caveats, and an extension to multiple groups. Organizational Research Methods. Advance online publication.

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