JBTools: Misc Small Tools and Helper Functions for Other Code of J. Buttlar

Collection of several tools and helper functions used across the other packages of J. Buttlar ('ncdf.tools' and 'spectral.methods').

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AuthorJannis v. Buttlar
Date of publication2015-06-02 00:07:07
MaintainerJannis v. Buttlar <jbuttlar@bgc-jena.mpg.de>

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checkInstalled Man page
colorChangeDarkness Man page
convertArgs2String Man page
getSysinfo Man page
getVecInfo Man page
indexDimVecs2Matrix Man page
indexVec2Matrix Man page
isSeriesConstant Man page
isSeriesContinuous Man page
JBTools Man page
JBTools-package Man page
labelMargins Man page
MEF Man page
plotBG Man page
plotColorScale Man page
plotImageRotated Man page
plotNLines Man page
printStatus Man page
rangeZeroEqui Man page
registerParallel Man page
RMSE Man page
seqLength Man page
seqLongest Man page
userCoords Man page
whichClosest Man page

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