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JavaGD <- function(name="JavaGD", width=400, height=300, ps=12) {
  # if rJava is loaded, we use it to initialize the class path,
  # because it knows how to merge class path into a running VM - we don't
  if ("rJava" %in% .packages() && nchar(.javaGD.get.class.path())>0) {
  invisible(.Call(newJavaGD, name, width, height, ps))

.getJavaGDObject <- function(devNr) {
    a <- .Call(javaGDobjectCall, devNr - 1L)
    if (!is.null(a)) {
    	if (exists(".jmkref")) a <- .jmkref(a)
	else stop(".jmkref is not available. Please use rJava 0.3 or higher.")

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