Man pages for Jmisc
Julian Miscellaneous Function

addColAdd a constant column to a data.frame or matrix
charPlusConcatenate two strings
demeanDemean a vector or a matrix (by column)
evalFunctionOnListEvaluate Function Under Local Variables
generateSignificanceGenerate t-statistics, p-value and significance
JBTestp Value of Jarque Bera test
label_both_parsed_recodeCombine label_both and label_parsed in 'ggplot2'.
oapplyOuter apply
packagesload packages with auto-installation
recodeRecode the value of a vector
repColRepeat a vector by col
repRowRepeat a vector by row
shiftshift a vector by 'shift_by' unit
sourceAllSource all the R files of a directory
splitBySplit a vector by a sequence of length
timerStart Stop clock to measure performance
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