Man pages for JointNets
End-to-End Sparse Gaussian Graphical Model Simulation, Estimation, Visualization, Evaluation and Application

aal116coordinatesAAL116 brain atlas coordinates in MNI space
ABIDE_aal116_timeseriesABIDE I preprocessed time series grouped by control and...
add_name_to_outhelper function to add row/col names to JointNets precision...
AUCreturn AUC score for JointNets method
BICcalculate BIC score for JointNets method
cancerMicroarray data set for breast cancer
compute_covhelper function to add compute covariance matrix / kendall...
diffeeFast and Scalable Learning of Sparse Changes in...
dimension_reducereduce the dimensionality of the datalist if needed
exampleDataA simulated toy dataset that includes 2 data matrices (from 2...
exampleDataGraphA simulated toy dataset that includes 3 igraph objects
F1Compute F1 score for JointNets result
F1.diffeecomputes F1 score for jointnet result
F1.jeekcomputes F1 score for jointnet result
F1.kdiffnetcomputes F1 score for jointnet result
F1.simulecomputes F1 score for jointnet result
F1.wsimulecomputes F1 score for jointnet result
generateSampleListfunction to generate a list of samples from simulatedGraph...
generateSamplesfunction to generate samples from a single precision matrix
jeekA Fast and Scalable Joint Estimator for Integrating...
jglwrapper for function JGL fromo package "JGL"
jointplotcore function to plot
kdiffnetFast and Scalable Estimator for Using Additional Knowledge in...
nip_37_dataNIPS word count dataset
plot_brainplot 3d brain network from JointNets result
plot_brain.diffeeplot 3d brain network from diffee result
plot_brain.jeekplot 3d brain network from jeek result
plot_brain.jglplot 3d brain network from jgl result
plot_brain_jointplot 3d brain network
plot_brain.kdiffnetplot 3d brain network from kdiffnet result
plot_brain.simuleplot 3d brain network from simule result
plot_brain.wsimuleplot 3d brain network from wsimule result
plot.diffeeplot diffee result specified by user input
plot_guiGUI of JointNets plot
plot.jeekPlot jeek result specified by user input
plot.jglPlot jgl result specified by user input
plot.kdiffnetplot kdiffnet result specified by user input
plot.simulationPlot simulatedgraph result (generated from function...
plot.simulePlot simule result specified by user input
plot.wsimulePlot wsimule result specified by user input
QDA_evalgraphical model model evaluation using QDA as a classifier
returngraphreturn igraph object from jointnet result specified by user...
returngraph.diffeereturn igraph object from diffee result specified by user...
returngraph.jeekreturn igraph object from jeek result specified by user input
returngraph.jglreturn igraph object from jgl result specified by user input
returngraph.kdiffnetreturn igraph object from kdiffnet result specified by user...
returngraph.simulationreturn igraph object from simulation result specified by user...
returngraph.simulereturn igraph object from simule result specified by user...
returngraph.wsimulereturn igraph object from wsimule result specified by user...
simulateGraphfunction to simulate multiple sparse graphs
simulationsimulate multiple sparse graphs and generate samples
simuleA constrained l1 minimization approach for estimating...
train_valid_test_splitsplit a datalist to train,validation and test
wsimuleA constrained and weighted l1 minimization approach for...
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