dcemri.data: A sample DCE-MRI data set.

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A simulated data set based on the extended Tofts model that includes time and AIF vectors, contrast agent concentration-time maps and an ROI mask.




The format is: List of 4

$ vectorTimes: num [1:89] 0.00000 4.83328 9.66656 14.49984 ...

$ mapCC : num [1:25, 1:25, 1:2, 1:89] NA NA NA NA NA NA ...

$ maskROI : int [1:25, 1:25, 1:2] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ...

$ vectorAIF : num [1:25] -1.0546669 -15.1168922 13.4470030 ...


A simulated four-slice DCE-MRI data set was generated using the extended Tofts model with mean parameter values set to Ktrans=0.22 1/min and kep=1.1 1/min for all voxels in each slice. Slices 1 and 3 have vb set to 0 while slices 2 and 4 have vb set to 0.05. Prior to contrast agent time course simulation for each voxel, the three model parameters (Ktrans, kep, vb) are multiplied by a random variable drawn from a normal distribution with mean=1 and sd=0.2 (slice 1 and 2) or sd=0.3 (slices 3 and 4). An additional level of noise is added to each voxel by multipliying every simulated contrast agent concentration by a random variable drawn from a normal distribution of mean=1 and sd=0.25 (slices 1 and 2) or sd=0.75 (slices 3 and 4).

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KAT, KAT.checkData, KAT.plot

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