Man pages for KDViz
Knowledge Domain Visualization

ArticleSearchSearch articles from web
BibToCorpusConvert a bibliographic database into a text corpus
DTMFromCorpusObtain a document-term matrix from corpus
GroupDTMGrouping of words with co-word method
KDCorpusCorpus of articles and keywords related to the topic of...
KDDTMDocument-term matrix of articles and keywords related to the...
KDSummaryKnowledge domain summary
KDVizKnowledge Domain Visualization
KDVizDataData about the topic of Knowledge domain visualization
LoadArticleLoad the information stored in a bibliographic database
matrix.corpus.mpaCalulation of co-occurrences matrix and matrix associations...
read.corpus.mpaReading corpus object
ReadRISFunction to read RIS files
ReplaceByListReplace a list of words by another
TermFreqByWordSearch a specific term inside a table of word frequencies
TermFrequencyTable of word frequencies inside a text corpus or a...
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