Man pages for KFAS
Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models

alcoholAlcohol related deaths in Finland 1969-2013
approxSSMLinear Gaussian Approximation for Exponential Family State...
artransformMapping real valued parameters to stationary region
boatOxford-Cambridge boat race results 1829-2011
checkModelTest whether object is a valid 'SSModel' object
coef.SSModelSmoothed Estimates or One-step-ahead Predictions of States
Extract.SSModelExtract or Replace Parts of a State Space Model
fitSSMMaximum Likelihood Estimation of a State Space Model
fitted.SSModelSmoothed Estimates or One-step-ahead Predictions of Fitted...
GlobalTempTwo series of average global temperature deviations for years...
hatvalues.KFSExtract Hat Values from KFS Output
importanceSSMImportance Sampling of Exponential Family State Space Model
KFASKFAS: Functions for Exponential Family State Space Models
KFAS-defunctDefunct Functions of Package KFAS
KFSKalman Filter and Smoother with Exact Diffuse Initialization...
ldlLDL Decomposition of a Matrix
logLik.SSModelLog-likelihood of the State Space Model.
mvInnovationsMultivariate Innovations
plot.SSModelDiagnostic Plots of State Space Models
predict.SSModelState Space Model Predictions
print.KFSPrint Ouput of Kalman Filter and Smoother
print.SSModelPrint SSModel Object
rename_statesRename the States of SSModel Object
residuals.KFSExtract Residuals of KFS output
rstandard.KFSExtract Standardized Residuals from KFS output
sexratioNumber of males and females born in Finland from 1751 to 2011
signalExtracting the Partial Signal Of a State Space Model
simulateSSMSimulation of a Gaussian State Space Model
SSModelCreate a State Space Model Object of Class SSModel
transformSSMTransform Multivariate State Space Model for Sequential...
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