StartKappa: GUI for Cohen's and Fleiss' Kappa. (Coded in tcltk)

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This is the main function of the package. It offers a simple and quick GUI to work out Cohen's or Fleiss' Kappa, using the irr library for the calculus itself.




The GUI allows you to load your datafile and specifiy some details about its layout. Only CSV files with a semicolon separator are accepted.

If there are k raters for p variables observed on n individuals, the input file is a data frame with n rows and (k x p) columns. The first k columns represent the scores attributed by the k raters for the first variable ; the following k columns represent the scores attributed by the k raters for the second variable ; etc.

Weighting options for Cohen's Kappa are available.


A CSV file containing the Kappa values for each variable is saved in a folder which will be chosen by the user.


Frederic Santos


See the help of the irr package for more information about Cohen's and Fleiss' Kappa in R.

See Also

kappa2, kappam.fleiss

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