Man pages for KarsTS
An Interface for Microclimate Time Series Analysis

aboutKTSaboutKTS: opens information file about KarsTS version
aggregateKTSaggregateKTS: creation of time series of aggregated values
anaSamPeranaSamper: analyzing sampling periods and gaps
applyGap2TSerapplyGap2TSer: apply a gap set to a time series
applyTheilerapplyTheiler: apply Theiler's window
are2TsTimeCompatibleare2TsTimeCompatible: test time compatibility between two...
areTsGapTimeCompatibleareTsGapTimeCompatible: tests time compatibility between a...
areTsRmTimeCompatibleareTsRmTimeCompatible: test time compatibility between a time...
arimaKalmanarimaKalman: ARIMA + Kalman smoother
arimaXKalmanarimaXKalman: ARIMAX + Kalman smoother
assignMultipleassignMultiple: assign multiple
buttons1buttons1: create the buttons corresponding to the Time Series...
buttons2buttons2: create the buttons corresponding to the Gap Sets...
buttons3buttons3: create the buttons corresponding to the Analysis...
buttons4buttons4: create the buttons corresponding to the Plots Menu
buttons5buttons5: create the buttons corresponding to the Filling...
checkIfAnycheckIfAny: check if there are any data sets in the...
checkIfAnyGapOrTscheckIfAny: check if there are any time series or gap sets in...
checkIfAnyGapTscheckIfAny: check if there are any time series and gap sets...
checkIfAnyRmcheckIfAny: check if there is some recurrence matrix in the...
checkIfAnyRmTscheckIfAnyRmTs: check if there is some recurrence matrix and...
checkIfAnyTscheckIfAnyTs: check if there is some time series in the...
cleanEnvircleanEnvir: removes a list of variables from KTSEnv
compareVecVeccompareVecVec: compare the elements of two vectors
composeKTScomposeKTS: perform operations on time series
createChbcreateChb: creates a check box on the main screen
createChbChbcreateChbChb: two column check box
createChbEntrycreateChbEntry: creates a check box with associated text...
createCrossRMcreateCrossRM: creates a cross recurrence matrix
createCrossRMPlotcreateCrossRMPlot: creates a cross recurrence plot
createDistMatrixcreateDistMatrix: creates distance matrix
createEachRbcreateEachRb: creates a radiobutton on the main screen
createEntrycreateChb: creates a text entry on the main screen
createFANcreateFAN: creates a fixed amount of neighbors (FAN) matrix.
createFANplotcreateFANplot: creates a plot from a fixed amount of...
createGapChbcreateGapChb: creates a check box of gap sets
createGapRbcreateGapRb: creates a radio button of gap sets
createJointRMcreateJointRM: creates a joint recurrence matrix
createJointRMPlotcreateJointRMPlot: creates a cross recurrence plot
createNotecreateNote: creates a note on the input panel
createOKcreateOK: creates the OK or NEXT button on the input panel
createRandGapscreateRandGaps: create random gaps in a time series
createRandNamecreateRandName: creates a random name
createRbcreateRb: creates a radio button
createRmChbcreateRmChb: creates a check box of recurrence matrices
createRmRbcreateRmRb: creates a radiobutton of recurrence matrices
createSimpleRMcreateSimpleRM: creates a recurrence matrix
createSimpleRMPlotcreateSimpleRMPlot: creates a recurrence plot
createSpecGapscreateSpecGaps: creates a specific gap in a time series
createSubPanR4C1createSubPanR4C1: creates the input panel on the main screen
createTitlecreateTitle: creates a title in the input panel
createtitle_1createTITLE: create a title on the input panel
createTsChbcreateTsChb: creates a check box of time series
createTsRbcreateTsRb: creates a radiobutton of time series
cumuKTScumuKTS: creates a cumulated time series
destroyMainScreenA function to destroy KarsTS main screen
destroyWelcomedestroyWelcome: destroys KarsTS welcome screen
determinismKTSdeterminismKTS: estimate determinism
diffKTSdiffKTS: calculate differences of a time series
E1dAndE2dE1dAndE2d: invariants E1(d) and E2(d)
embedDataembedData: embeds a time series
endingLinesendingLines: add three lines of asterisks on the output panel
exportallexportall: exports all types of data sets
fillWithTwinsfillWithTwins: fills missing values using twin points
findDateFormatfindDateFormat: finds the format of a set of dates
findTwinsfindTwins: finds twin points in a recurrence matrix
fnnKTSfnn: plots embedding dimendion vs false nearest neighbors
functToExportfunctToExport: functions to export
gamKTSA function to fill values by means of a generalized additive...
gapCheckedTFgapCheckedTF: identifies checked gap sets
gapDetectgapDetect: identifies the gap sets currently loaded
gapForSelMethodgapForSelMethod: gap set to fill
genGapExampleA function to generate a gap set example
genRmExampleA function to generate a recurrence matrix example
genTSExampleA function to generate an example time series
getClassEnvirgetClassEnvir: get objects of a class from an environment
getCoordsKTSgetCoordsKTS: get coordinates from a plot
getCRPgetCRP: gets the correlation probability of recurrence
getDelayCharTimesgetDelayCharTimes: transforms dates from character to...
getFANRM2getFANRM2: creates a fixed amount of neighbours (FAN) matrix...
getGapsAfterFillgetGapsAfterFill: get the remaining gaps
getMaxNegSlopegetMaxNegSlope: get the maximum negative slope
getMaxPosSlopegetMaxPosSlope: get the maximum negative slope
getNAsGapsgetNAsGaps: get the gaps in a time series
getNewGapsIndA function to create random gaps
getOtherErrEstimgetOtherErrEstim: get some error estimates from a linear fit
getProTaosgetProTaos:calculate the probability of recurrence
getRecurrencePointsA function to get recurrent points in a time series
getRollStatisticsgetRollStatistics: get rolling statistics It is used...
getSamPerTablegetSamPerTable: get sampling periods table
getSamPerTable.1FreqgetSamPerTable.1Freq: get sampling periods table (time series...
getScreenSizegetScreenSize: gets the computer screen size
getStatisticsgetStatistics: calculates the statistics of a time series
getUniqueSampPergetUniqueSampPer: get unique sampling periods
goodnessFillinggoodnessFilling: estimate the goodness of the filling
groupDatesgroupDates: groups dates
groupIndicesgroupIndices: group indices
histKTShistKTS: plots histogram
invariantsKTSinvariantsKTS: invariant plots
isTimeAlrightisTimeAlright: checks whether a set of dates fits KarsTS...
KarsTSKarsTS: launches KarsTS
KarsTS-packageAn Interface for Microclimate Time Series Analysis
laminarityKTSlaminarityKTS: estimate laminarity
linCorrKTSlinCorrKTS: linear correlation plot
linearityKTSlinearityKTS: linearity tests
loadAllTypesloadAllTypes: load all types of data sets
loadKarsTSFontsloadKarsTSFonts: load KarsTS fonts
loessKTSloess: loess smoothing
mainScreenmainScreen: launches the main screen
meanValuemeanValue: mean value filling
mergeTsOrGapmergeTsOrGap: merges time series or gap sets
missForestKTSmissForestKTS: filling missing values with random forest...
modeKTSmodeKTS: computes the mode
mutInfmutInf: mutual information
mutualKTSmutualKTS: plots the mutual information
myApplyVectormyApplyVector: apply type function
myLinModelmyLinModel: performs a linear fit
myScalemyScale: scaling function
naApproxKTSnaApproxKTS: filling by linear interpolation
NAs4ResampNAs4Resamp: upsamples a time series.
naSplinesKTSnaSplinesKTS: filling by spline interpolation
normalityKTSnormalityKTS: normality tests
packagesToImportpackagesToImport: packages to import to KarsTS
pcaKTSpcaKTS: principal component analysis
plotTimeSeriesplotTimeSeries: plot time series
readMultEntryvaluesreadMultEntryvalues: verifies multiple entry values
refreshDataSetsListrefreshDataSetsList: refreshes KarsTS data set list
removeAllTypesremoveAllTypes: removes data sets
removeIfExistsremoveIfExists: remove if exists
removePointsremovePoints: graphically remove points from a time series
renameAllTypesrenameAllTypes: rename all types of data sets
rmCheckedTFrmCheckedTF: identifies checked recurrence matrices
rmDetectrmDetect: identifies the recurrence matrices currently loaded
rmSlopeOutliersrmSlopeOutliers: slope filter
rollStatisticsKTSrollStatisticsKTS: rolling statistics
roundKTSroundKTS: rounding
RPKTSRecurrence of probability
saveAllTypessaveAllTypes: saves all types of data sets.
saveReportsaveReport: saves report
scaleKTSscaleKTS: scale time series
scattTimeSeriesA function for plotting time series in the phase space
selectionGapsselectionGaps: select gaps in a time series
separateEntryseparateEntry: separates and checks comma-separated entry...
setCorrectDatesetCorrectDate: verifies date entry and returns proper output
setwdKTSsetwdKTS: set working directory
showHelpshowHelp: shows KarsTS help
slopeOutliersButslopeOutliersBut: remove slope outliers
stationarityKTSstationarityKTS: stationarity tests
statisticsKTSstatisticsKTS: calculates the statistics of one or more time...
stinemannKTSstinemannKTS: filling by Stinemann's interpolation
stlplusKTSstlplusKTS: loess seasonal decomposition
theilerKTStheilerKTS: apply Theiler's window via interface
tsCheckedTFtsCheckedTF: identifies checked time series
tsDetecttsDetect: identifies the time series currently loaded
verifyCharEntryverifyCharEntry: verify character entries
verifyDateEntryverifyDateEntry: verify date entries
verifyIntEntryverifyIntEntry: verify integer entries
verifyRealEntryverifyRealEntry: verify character entries
welcomeScreenwelcomeScreen: launches the welcome screen
windRoseKTSwindRoseKTS: wind rose
writeMethodSummarywriteMethodSummary: writes a summary of the filling method
writeMethodTitlewriteMethodTitle: writes a title on KarsTS output window
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