Man pages for KoNLP
Korean NLP Package

backupUsrDicuse for backup current dic_user.txt Utility function for...
concordance_fileconcordance for input text file
concordance_strconcordance for input text vector
convertHangulStringToJamosconvertion function Hangul string to Jamos
convertHangulStringToKeyStrokesconvertion function Hangul string to keyStrokes
convertTagtag name converter
editweightsKeystroke misspell cost table
extractNounNoun extractor for Hangul
get_dictionaryGet Dictionary
HangulAutomatado Hangul automata
is.asciicheck if sentence is all ASCII
is.hangulcheck if sentence is all Hangul
is.jaeumcheck if sentence is all Jaeum
is.jamocheck if sentence is all Jamo
is.moeumcheck if sentence is all Moeum
KtoSKAIST tag to Sejong tag
mergeUserDicappending or replacing with new data.frame
MorphAnalyzerHannanum morphological analyzer interface function
mutualinformationmutual information for input text
reloadAllDicreload all Hannanum analyzer dictionary
reloadUserDicreload dictionaries for specific functions
restoreUsrDicuse for restoring backuped dic_user.txt
SimplePos09POS tagging by using 9 KAIST tags
SimplePos22POS tagging by using 22 KAIST tags
statDicsummary of dictionaries
StoKSejong tag to KAIST tag
tagstag names
useNIADicuse Insighter and Woorimalsam dictionary
useSejongDicuse Sejong noun dictionary
useSystemDicuse system default dictionary
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