Man pages for KrigInv
Kriging-Based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer Experiments

bichon_optimBichon et al.'s Expected Feasibility criterion
computeQuickKrigcovQuick computation of kriging covariances
computeRealVolumeConstantA constant used to calculate the expected excursion set's...
EGIEfficient Global Inversion: sequential inversion algorithm...
EGIparallelEfficient Global Inversion: parallel version to get batchsize...
excursion_probabilityExcursion probability with one or many thresholds
integration_designConstruction of a sample of integration points and weights
jn_optim_parallelParallel jn criterion
jn_optim_parallel2Parallel jn criterion
KrigInv-packageKriging-Based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer...
max_futureVol_parallelMaximize parallel volume criterion
max_infill_criterionOptimizer for the infill criteria
max_sur_parallelMinimizer of the parallel '"sur"' or '"jn"' criterion
max_timse_parallelMinimizer of the parallel timse criterion
max_vorob_parallelMinimizer of the parallel vorob criterion
precomputeUpdateDataUseful precomputations to quickly update kriging mean and...
predict_nobias_kmKriging predictions
predict_update_km_parallelQuick update of kriging means and variances when one or many...
print_uncertaintyPrints a measure of uncertainty for a function of any...
print_uncertainty_1dPrints a measure of uncertainty for 1d function.
print_uncertainty_2dPrints a measure of uncertainty for 2d function.
print_uncertainty_ndPrint a measure of uncertainty for functions with dimension d...
ranjan_optimRanjan et al.'s Expected Improvement criterion
sur_optim_parallelParallel sur criterion
sur_optim_parallel2Parallel sur criterion
timse_optim_parallelParallel targeted IMSE criterion
timse_optim_parallel2Parallel timse criterion
tmse_optimTargeted MSE criterion
tsee_optimTwo Sided Expected Exceedance criterion
vorob_optim_parallelParallel Vorob'ev criterion
vorob_optim_parallel2Parallel Vorob'ev criterion
vorob_thresholdCalculation of the Vorob'ev threshold
vorobVol_optim_parallelCompute volume criterion
vorobVol_optim_parallel2Compute volume criterion
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