Man pages for LAWBL
Latent (Variable) Analysis with Bayesian Learning

LAWBL-packageLAWBL: Latent (Variable) Analysis with Bayesian Learning
nlsy27National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
pcfa(Generalized) Partially Confirmatory Factor Analysis
pcirmPartially Confirmatory Item Response Model
pefaPartially Exploratory Factor Analysis
plot_lawblPosterior plots for 'lawbl' object
sim18ccfa40Simulated CCFA data with LI and missingness
sim18ccfa41Simulated CCFA data with LD and missingness
sim18cfa0Simulated CFA data with LI
sim18cfa1Simulated CFA data with LD
sim18mcfa41Simulated MCFA data with LD and Missingness
sim24ccfa21Simulated CCFA data (dichotomous) with LD and a minor...
sim_lvmSimulating data with Latent Variable Modeling
summary.lawblSummary method for 'lawbl' objects
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