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Tests for independence between X and Y computed from a paired sample (x1,y1), ..., (xn,yn) of (X,Y), using one of the following statistics (a) the Longest Increasing Subsequence (Ln), (b) JLn, a Jackknife version of Ln or (c) JLMn, a Jackknife version of the longest monotonic subsequence. This family of tests can be applied under the assumption of continuity of X and Y.


Package: LIStest
Type: Package
Version: 2.1
Date: 2014-03-12
License: GPL-2


J. E. Garcia and V. A. Gonzalez-Lopez Maintainer: J. E. Garcia <[email protected]>


J. E. Garcia, V. A. Gonzalez-Lopez, Independence tests for continuous random variables based on the longest increasing subsequence, Journal of Multivariate Analysis (2014),

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