Man pages for LLSR
Data Analysis of Liquid-Liquid Systems

AQSearchSearch function for ATPS Systems data
AQSearch.CASSearch CAS codes in Chemical database.
AQSysMerchuk's Equation to fit Binodal Experimental Data
AQSysBancroftBancroft's Potential Equation - Tieline's correlation
AQSys.crptMerchuk's Method - Critical Point Calculation
AQSysCurveThis functions plot a curve based in the chosen model and its...
AQSys.gsnchkMerchuk's Method of calculating phase's composition in a...
AQSysListAqueous Systems Descriptors already implemented
AQSysOthmerOthmer's Equation - Tieline's correlation
AQSys.plotDataset and Fitted Function plot
AQSysTernThis functions plot a ternary plot based in the chosen model...
AQSys.tielinesMerchuk's Method - Tieline's Composition Calculation @export @title . @description .
LLSRxyDataset aggregation Function
peg4ksltDataset of experimental binodal data of an ATPS A dataset...
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