Man pages for LLSR
Data Analysis of Liquid-Liquid Systems using R

AQSearchSearch function for ATPS Systems data
AQSearch.BinodalSearch function for ATPS Systems data
AQSearch.ParameterSearch function for ATPS Systems data
AQSearch.SlopeSearch function for ATPS Systems data
AQSearch.TielineSearch function for ATPS Systems data
AQSysMerchuk's nonlinear Equation
AQSysBancroftBancroft's Potential Equation - tie-line's correlation
AQSys.CritPointATPS Critical Point Calculation
AQSysCurveThis functions plot a curve based in the chosen model and its...
AQSys.dataDataset and Fitted Function plot
AQSys.LevArmRuleLever-Arm Rule - tie-line's Composition Calculation
AQSysListAqueous Systems Descriptors already implemented
AQSysOthmerOthmer's Equation - Tieline's correlation
AQSys.plotDataset and Fitted Function plot
ExportDataLLSR Data Exporter
ExportTemplateLLSR Template Exporter
llsr_dataLLSR's database
peg4ksltDataset of experimental binodal data of an ATPS
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