Man pages for LMMELSM
Fit Latent Multivariate Mixed Effects Location Scale Models

coef.lmmelsmExtract group-specific coefficients.
dot-add_group_codingsAdds group codings for predictive df.
dot-combine_RHSCombines multiple formulas' RHS into one.
dot-detect_L2_onlyDetect whether the predictors are L2-only
dot-full_to_lower_triGet indices for subsetting lower-tri summaries of square...
dot-get_elapsed_timeGets elapsed time.
dot-get_formula_namesGet names in formula.
dot-get_indicator_specGet indicator spec for stan model.
dot-get_LHSGet LHS variable as string.
dot-get_RHSGet RHS terms or variables.
dot-list_zipZip two lists together with function.
dot-magicsepConvert char vector to columns.
dot-newlinePrint newline.
dot-parse_formulaConvert spec to stan data.
dot-parse_formula.indicatorsCompute indicator data.
dot-parse_formula.predictorCompute predictor data.
dot-pars_to_indicesConvert stan par-string to numeric columns.
dot-sepPrint separator.
dot-simulate.XSimulate covariates without correlation.
dot-summarizeCompute posterior summaries.
dot-summary_rearrangeRearrange summary output.
dot-tidy_summaryTakes stan summary, returns summary with indices-as-columns.
dot-which_location_scaleCheck for location-scale formulas
fitted.lmmelsmExtracted model fitted variates.
grapes-IfNull-grapesOperator for testing NULL and returning expr if NULL
lmmelsmSpecify and fit the (latent) (multivariate) melsm.
LMMELSM-packageThe 'LMMELSM' package.
loo.lmmelsmloo method for LMMELSM objects.
nlistCreates named list.
predict.lmmelsmPredict method for lmmelsm objects.
print.lmmelsmPrint method for lmmelsm objects.
print.summary.lmmelsmPrint method for summary.lmmelsm objects.
ranef.lmmelsmExtract random effects.
row_multiply_list_matsMultiply a row by a list of matrices
sim_dataSimulated data for fitting the LMMELSM
simulate_lmmelsmSimulate data from latent uni/multidimensional MELSM
summary.lmmelsmSummary method for lmmelsm objects.
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