Man pages for LOGAN
Log File Analysis in International Large-Scale Assessments

CleanActionsClean events
ConcatActionsConcatenate events
cp025q01Log file for PISA 2012, CP025, Q01 (selected countries)
cp025q01.treatedTreated log file and microdata for PISA 2012, CP025, Q01...
DataActionsbyIDWide format dataset with the sequence of actions by ID
DescriptiveStrategyReport: Descriptive statistics by strategy
ImportSPSSRead SPSS process data
LOGANLOGAN: Log File Analysis in International Large-scale...
m0Module 0: Data preparation
m1Module 1: Time
m2Module 2: Actions (cognitive related)
NumericTimeVarTime var as a numeric vector
pisaMicrodata for PISA 2012 (selected countries)
PlotStrategybyCatPerformanceCheck response time by var
PlotTimeonTaskbyVarCheck response time by var
RangeNumberActionsbyVarCheck number of students and actions by var
SummaryTOTbyVarSummary of time on task by var
TOTVarTime on task variable
TrimVarTrim variables
VarActionSearchFrequency of specifics events in a variable of Actions
VarTimebyIDExtracting the start or end time
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