Man pages for LPCM
Local Principal Curve Methods

calspeedflowSpeed-flow data from California.
coverageCoverage and self-coverage plots.
followxFit an individual branch of a local principal curve.
gaiaGaia data
gvesselNorth Atlantic Water Temperature Data.
kernels.and.distancesAuxiliary kernel and distance functions.
lpcLocal principal curves
lpc.controlAuxiliary parameters for controlling local principal curves.
LPCM-packageLocal principal curve methods
lpc.projectProjection onto LPC
lpc.splineRepresenting local principal curves through a cubic spline.
lpc.splinefunAuxiliary functions for spline fitting and projection.
msMean shift clustering.
plot.lpcPlotting local principal curves and mean shift trajectories
print.lpcPrinting output for lpc, lpc.spline, and ms objects
RcMeasuring goodness-of-fit for principal objects.
unscaleUnscaling local principal objects.
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