LSD: Lots of Superior Depictions

Create lots of colorful plots in a plethora of variations (try the LSD demotour() )

AuthorBjoern Schwalb, Achim Tresch, Phillipp Torkler, Sebastian Duemcke, Carina Demel
Date of publication2015-01-09 07:58:48
MaintainerBjoern Schwalb <>

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Man pages

align: Visualize two-dimensional data in a color encoded fashion

clusterplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters

colorpalette: Provides colorpalettes containing R built-in colors

comparisonplot: Comparisonplot: a fancy scatterplot

complementarycolor: Complement R colors

convertcolor: Map R colors to hexadecimal representation

convertgrey: Convert R colors to greyscale

daltonize: Dichromat vision simulation for colorpalettes

demotour: LSD teaser

densitylane: Visualize a density in a rectangular fashion

disco: Disco (DISplays COlorpalettes)

distinctcolors: Find preferably distinct R built-in colors

ellipsescatter: Visualize subgroups of two-dimensional data assuming normal...

emptyplot: Wrapper function for an empty graphics device

fusionplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters

heatbarplot: Color a barplot.

heatboxplot: Heatboxplot: a colored boxplot

heathist: Color a histogram

heatpairs: Pairwise colored scatterplot based on a two-dimensional...

heatscatter: A colored scatterplot based on a two-dimensional Kernel...

heatscatterpoints: A colored scatterplot based on a two-dimensional Kernel...

homer: homer

intersphere: Intersphere: a fancy Venn diagram

linesplot: One-dimensional scatterplot

LSD.pie: Custom-built piechart version

makemovie: Interpolate rows of a matrix to extend the number of cols

msdplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters

plotit: Plotting wrapper function to plot plots in printable quality...

plotmatrix: Visualize two-dimensional data

seqs: seqs

singleclusterplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters (add to an existing...

singlefusionplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters (add to an existing...

singlemsdplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters (add to an existing...

webdesign: Colored rectangular grid

windowxy: Factorization of the number of windows for plots with device...


align Man page
clusterplot Man page
colorpalette Man page
comparisonplot Man page
complementarycolor Man page
convertcolor Man page
convertgrey Man page
cplot Man page
daltonize Man page
demotour Man page
densitylane Man page
disco Man page
distinctcolors Man page
ellipsescatter Man page
emptyplot Man page
fusionplot Man page
heatbarplot Man page
heatboxplot Man page
heathist Man page
heatpairs Man page
heatscatter Man page
heatscatterpoints Man page
homer Man page
intersphere Man page
linesplot Man page
LSD.align Man page
LSD.clusterplot Man page
LSD.colorpalette Man page
LSD.complementarycolor Man page
LSD.convertcolor Man page
LSD.convertgrey Man page
LSD.daltonize Man page
LSD.demotour Man page
LSD.densitylane Man page
LSD.disco Man page
LSD.distinctcolors Man page
LSD.ellipsescatter Man page
LSD.emptyplot Man page
LSD.fusionplot Man page
LSD.heatbarplot Man page
LSD.heatboxplot Man page
LSD.heathist Man page
LSD.heatpairs Man page
LSD.heatscatter Man page
LSD.heatscatterpoints Man page
LSD.intersphere Man page
LSD.linesplot Man page
LSD.makemovie Man page
LSD.msdplot Man page
LSD.pie Man page
LSD.plotit Man page
LSD.plotmatrix Man page
LSD.singleclusterplot Man page
LSD.singlefusionplot Man page
LSD.singlemsdplot Man page
LSD.webdesign Man page
LSD.windowxy Man page
makemovie Man page
msdplot Man page
plotit Man page
plotmatrix Man page
seqs Man page
singleclusterplot Man page
singlefusionplot Man page
singlemsdplot Man page
webdesign Man page
windowxy Man page

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