LSD: Lots of Superior Depictions

Create lots of colorful plots in a plethora of variations (try the LSD demotour() )

AuthorBjoern Schwalb, Achim Tresch, Phillipp Torkler, Sebastian Duemcke, Carina Demel
Date of publication2015-01-09 07:58:48
MaintainerBjoern Schwalb <>

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Man pages

align: Visualize two-dimensional data in a color encoded fashion

clusterplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters

colorpalette: Provides colorpalettes containing R built-in colors

comparisonplot: Comparisonplot: a fancy scatterplot

complementarycolor: Complement R colors

convertcolor: Map R colors to hexadecimal representation

convertgrey: Convert R colors to greyscale

daltonize: Dichromat vision simulation for colorpalettes

demotour: LSD teaser

densitylane: Visualize a density in a rectangular fashion

disco: Disco (DISplays COlorpalettes)

distinctcolors: Find preferably distinct R built-in colors

ellipsescatter: Visualize subgroups of two-dimensional data assuming normal...

emptyplot: Wrapper function for an empty graphics device

fusionplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters

heatbarplot: Color a barplot.

heatboxplot: Heatboxplot: a colored boxplot

heathist: Color a histogram

heatpairs: Pairwise colored scatterplot based on a two-dimensional...

heatscatter: A colored scatterplot based on a two-dimensional Kernel...

heatscatterpoints: A colored scatterplot based on a two-dimensional Kernel...

homer: homer

intersphere: Intersphere: a fancy Venn diagram

linesplot: One-dimensional scatterplot

LSD.pie: Custom-built piechart version

makemovie: Interpolate rows of a matrix to extend the number of cols

msdplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters

plotit: Plotting wrapper function to plot plots in printable quality...

plotmatrix: Visualize two-dimensional data

seqs: seqs

singleclusterplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters (add to an existing...

singlefusionplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters (add to an existing...

singlemsdplot: Visualize two-dimensional data clusters (add to an existing...

webdesign: Colored rectangular grid

windowxy: Factorization of the number of windows for plots with device...

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