Man pages for LSX
Model for Semisupervised Text Analysis Based on Word Embeddings

as.coefficients_textmodelCoerce various objects to coefficients_textmodel This is a...
as.seedwordsConvenient function to convert a list to seed words
as.statistics_textmodelCoerce various objects to statistics_textmodel
as.summary.textmodelAssign the summary.textmodel class to a list
as.textmodel_lssCreate a dummy textmodel_lss object from external objects
coef.textmodel_lssExtract model coefficients from a fitted textmodel_lss object
cohesionComputes cohesion of components of latent semantic analysis
data_dictionary_ideologySeed words for analysis of left-right political ideology
data_dictionary_sentimentSeed words for analysis of positive-negative sentiment
data_textmodel_lss_russianprotestsA fitted LSS model on street protest in Russia
diagnosysIdentify noisy documents in a corpus
predict.textmodel_lssPrediction method for textmodel_lss
print.coefficients_textmodelPrint methods for textmodel features estimates This is a...
print.statistics_textmodelImplements print methods for textmodel_statistics
print.summary.textmodelprint method for summary.textmodel
seedwordsSeed words for Latent Semantic Analysis
smooth_lssSmooth predicted LSS scores by local polynomial regression
strengthExperimental function to test quality of seed words
textmodel_lssA word embeddings-based semisupervised model for document...
textplot_similPlot similarity between seed words
textplot_termsPlot polarity scores of words
textstat_contextIdentify context words using user-provided patterns
weight_seedsInternal function to generate equally-weighted seed set
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