EX_DCEMRI_t0.rda-EX_DCEMRI_t1.rda: Data from two Dynamical Contrast Enhanced Computer Tomography...

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Each dataset contains a variable ex_dcemri which is a list containing #'

  • AIF, numeric vector, the averaged enhancement curve recorded in the aorta, the convolution kernel

  • TUM_1, TUM_2, TUM_3, numeric vectors, three averaged enhancement curves recorded in homogenous regions in the tumor, the observations

  • times, numeric vector, the observation times

  • sigma, numeric, the noise level

  • delta, numeric, equals 0, a time shift assumed to be less than 1 time unit




C-A. Cuenod and Y. Rozenholc


"Laplace deconvolution on the basis of time domain data and its application to Dynamic Contrast Enhanced imaging" by F. Comte, C-A. Cuenod, M. Pensky, Y. Rozenholc (ArXiv http://arxiv.org/abs/1405.7107)

REMISCAN - Project number IDRCB 2007-A00518-45/P060407/STIC 2006; Research Ethics Board (REB) approved- cohort funding by INCa (1M Euros) and promoted by the AP-HP (Assistance Publique H<c3><b4>pitaux de Paris). Inclusion target: 100 patients. Start in 2007. Closed since July 2015.

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