alpha_curve: Cronbach-Mesbah Curve

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Assess the unidimensionality of a set of items from alpha coefficient.





a Dataframe that holds the test response data


Constructs the curve by iteration:
1. Compute alpha using all items.
2. Remove one item from the scale. The removed item is the one which leaves the scale with its maximum alpha value. If we remove a bad item, the alpha coefficient will increase. Whereas if we remove a good item, the alpha must decrease.
3. Repeat until only two items remain.
This function was extracted from CMC_1.0 package.


The number of items used to calculate the coefficient.

The maximum value of the alpha coefficient calculated at each step.

The item removed at each step.

Tue Cronbach-Mesbah curve plot.


Cameletti, M. & Caviezel, V. (2010). Checking the unidimensionality in R using the Cronbach-Mesbah curve.

Mesbah, M. (2010). Statistical quality of life. In "Method and Applications of Statistics in the Life and Health Sciences", N. BalakrishnanEd., Wiley, pp. 839-864.

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