Man pages for LeafAngle
Analysis and Visualization of Plant Leaf Angle Distributions

angledistCreates object of class angledist
drawsampleSimulate from a leaf angle distribution
eteretLeaf angles of a Eucalyptus tereticornis tree
fitalldistributionsFits all distributions
fitdistributionFits a leaf angle distribution
fthetaDensity and cumulative probability functions for leaf angle...
LeafAngle-packageFunctions for fitting and displaying leaf angle distributions
loglikfitTwo methods for fitting a leaf angle distribution
plot.angledistPlots object of class angledist
plot.angledistlistPlots object of class angledistlist
print.angledistDisplays an object of class angledist
print.angledistlistDisplays an object of class angledist
summary.angledistSummarizes object of class angledist
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