LeafArea-package: LeafArea: Rapid digital image analysis of leaf area

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The package LeafArea allows one to conveniently run ImageJ software within R. The package provides a user-friendly, automated tool for measuring leaf area from digital images. For more information on ImageJ, see the ImageJ User Guide, which is available http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/.


The key function in this package is run.ij, which analyzes multiple leaf images in the target directory and generates multiple data frame objects that include leaf area from each leaf image, and then processes and combines these data frame objects into a single data frame object that is convenient for subsequent analyses.

If ImageJ fails to recognize leaf images, users can manually guide the image analysis for particular images through ImageJ GUI (See the ImageJ user guide 30.1 Measure...[m], http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/docs/guide/user-guide.pdf). The results for these manually-analyzed images will still be handled by the file management function resmerge.ij.

Package: LeafArea
Type: Package
Version: 0.1.5
Date: 2016-08-08
License: GPL-2


Masatoshi Katabuchi <[email protected]>


Rasband, W.S., ImageJ, U. S. National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA, http://imagej.nih.gov/ij/, 1997-2014.

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