Man pages for LexFindR
Find Related Items and Lexical Dimensions in a Lexicon

add_escapeEscape sep and target in regex
check_inputCheck input and raise warnings as needed
get_cohortsGet cohort competitors
get_cohortsPGet CohortsPrime
get_embeds_in_targetGet embedding competitors
get_embeds_in_targetPGet embeds-in-target PRIME
get_fwGet the log Frequency Weight (FW) of a competitor set
get_fwcpGet the log Frequency Weighted Competitor Probability (FWCP)
get_genericGet competitors in spoken word recognition
get_homoformsGet homophones
get_neighborsGet phonological neighbors
get_neighborsPGet NeighborssPrime
get_nohortsGet nohorts
get_returnReturn lexical items the appropriate type
get_rhymesGet rhyme competitors
get_target_embeds_inGet embedded competitors
get_target_embeds_inPGet target-embeds-in PRIME
get_uniqptGet phonological uniqueness point
lemmalexLemmalex dictionary
LexFindRLexFindR: A package for finding related items and lexical...
slexslex ARPAbet
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