Lmoments: L-Moments and Quantile Mixtures

Contains functions to estimate L-moments and trimmed L-moments from the data. Also contains functions to estimate the parameters of the normal polynomial quantile mixture and the Cauchy polynomial quantile mixture from L-moments and trimmed L-moments.

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AuthorJuha Karvanen
Date of publication2016-02-22 14:33:33
MaintainerJuha Karvanen <juha.karvanen@iki.fi>

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cauchypoly_cdf Man page
cauchypoly_inv Man page
cauchypoly_pdf Man page
cauchypoly_rnd Man page
covnormpoly4 Man page
data2cauchypoly4 Man page
data2normpoly4 Man page
data2normpoly6 Man page
dcauchypoly Man page
dnormpoly Man page
Lcoefs Man page
lmom2normpoly4 Man page
lmom2normpoly6 Man page
Lmomcov Man page
Lmomcov_calc Man page
Lmoments Man page
Lmoments_calc Man page
normpoly_cdf Man page
normpoly_inv Man page
normpoly_pdf Man page
normpoly_rnd Man page
pcauchypoly Man page
pnormpoly Man page
qcauchypoly Man page
qnormpoly Man page
rcauchypoly Man page
rnormpoly Man page
shiftedlegendre Man page
t1lmom2cauchypoly4 Man page
t1lmoments Man page

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