Man pages for LogisticDx
Diagnostic Tests for Models with a Binomial Response

ageChdAge and Coronary Heart Disease data
bbdmBenign Breast Disease Matched study data
dxDiagnostics for binomial regression
genBinomGenerate data for binomial regression
gofGoodness of fit tests for binomial regression
icuIntensive Care Unit study data
lbwLow Birth Weight study data
llbwLongitudinal Low Birth Weight study data
logisticDx2-packageDiagnostic Tests for Models with a Binomial Response
mesMammography Experience Study data
mlbwMatched Low Birth Weight data
nhanes3NHANES III data
OR*O*dds *r*atio for binary regression models fit with 'glm'
pcsProstate Cancer Study data
plotGlmPlot diagnostics for a binomial 'glm' model
sigSignificance tests for a binary regression models fit with...
ss*S*ample *s*ize for a given coefficient and events per...
uisUMARU IMPACT Study data
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